Home Automation Control Unit - Fallout Style

In order to make a unit which controls most of your home you will first need to evaluate what you want it to do... for me this part was easy, as I had already systems in place to control lights with the tellstick which even has schedules, Security cameras and alarm systems which has a website interface to be controlled, and now I wanted a dedicated unit which incorporated all of these things into a wall mounted unit ( as it would look cool :) ).

What kind of hardware should I buy to my Control Unit?

That really depends on your needs.

I had an UDOO and a few Raspberry Pi:es lying around from different projects and thought Id use the udoo for this, but in the end went with the Raspberry Pi.

Items you will need to make this happen:

 7inch Touch Display

My 7 inch screen was a non-HID screen from ( eGalax Inc. ), meaning that it acted as a mouse and not as a true touch device, this was an issue as the raspberry pi image Raspbian does not support that kind of touch screen nativly (ie non-HID USB Touch Device) ( within the kernel ) but this can be changed if you re-compile the kernel for the raspberry pi.

  • To setup a screen as mine, read more Here.