iMoist - The Soil Moisturizor


The Soil Moisturizor

So my plants that I take care of seem to always be forgotten to the point that they start to wither... :'( which is always quite sad, so as my most loyal plant started to wither aswell, I had to get to the bottom of things and fix my forgettness :)

So I made the iMoist Soil Moisturizor which is run by a Arduino Nano, it has a moist sensor which triggers a pump and waters my plants, Great!! Now I can be more at "peace" at nights, Cheers!

Mark I - Is the very first version of the Soil Moisturizor and is a bit big but don't let it's size fool you, it works like a champ!

Mark II - Is a third of the size and has changed the threshold buttons into a knob which makes the threshold even easier to change!

The iMoist has many safety features so that it doesn't "over" water your plant.

It will wait for almost a minut between any pump activity, and if the sensor value still has not changed it will stop after the third attempt.

Also the pump will not activate just when the threshold is set but will activly watch so that it wasn't a fluke value.

 Breadboard View


Where can I get one?

Want your very own soil moisturizor kit to build?

If so, send me a message on any of the social media buttons at the bottom of this page and I might just create a kit.

If you only want my custom breadboard, that works aswell.


Google made a nice video from me aswell using my videoclips

Posted on: Monday 12 January 2015