Check Fridge Efficiency

with Arduino and a Temperature Meter!

Have you ever wondered how well your fridge performs, I did and to test mine, I created a little application to Arduino, hooked it up with a Temperature Meter (TMP36) and started measuring.

To my suprise my fridge was all over the place, it took the fridge about one hour for the compressor to cool it down to about five degrees celcius and then another one and a half hour for it to go back up to ten degrees celcius.

Initial Result:


The ideal temperature of a fridge should be about 2-5 degrees celcius Anything lower and freezing becomes a problem, anything higher and foods spoils fast, this was a real issue which I stumbled upon.

Thankfully my fridge did have a little knob where I could change the efficiency and after that was done I had to take new measurements!


Very happy with the new results!

Ill show you how this done.





Ill show you how this done.


Posted on: Sunday 11 January 2015