Battery Calculator

Whenever I create smal IoT stuff I always try to see how I can improve the battery life, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing battery type but also hardware that is suited for longer battery life.

check out my Temperature sensor to see a good example on how to change a few components can change the battery life exponentially.

BattC v1


Different types of batteries have different charges and depending on chemicals will act differently in warmer and colder climates.

Battery Types

AAA 1200 (Alkaline)
800–1000 (NiMH)
AA 2700 (alkaline)
3000 (Lithium-Rechargeable)
1700–2900 (NiMH)
C 8000 (alkaline)
4500–6000 (NiMH)
D 12000 (alkaline)
2200–12000 (NiMH)
19000 (Lithium-Primary) 3.6V
9V Transistor 565 (alkaline)
1200 (lithium-Primary)
175–300 (NiMH)
6V Lantern 26000 (alkaline)
CR2032 240 (Lithium-Primary) 3.6V
CR2016 90 (Lithium-Primary) 3.6V
1/10 D 1000 (Lithium-Primary) 3.6V
4 Farad Cap 1 (loses 1 volt in 1 hour at 1mA)

Posted on: Wednesday 07 January 2015