Windows App Remover

Windows 8 has alot of nice features but the metro just is not one of them, so to remove alot of bloatware windows adds into windows we had to create a nice little powershell script which incorporates some nice choices.

Here you go:

echo "`n   Windows Metro App Remover `n$line"
$appIDs = @()
$applictions = Get-AppxPackage

Echo "ID`t NAME`n$line"

foreach ($app in $applictions )
    echo " $i.`t $($"
echo "$line`n"

    [array]$appIDs=Read-Host -Prompt "Which Apps do you want to remove,`ninput their IDs and seperate IDs by comma`n`nHere"

While($appIDs -notmatch "^[0-9]{1,5}( *, *[0-9]{1,5})*$")
[int[]]$appIDs=$appIDs -split ","

echo "`nYou Have Choosen: `n$line"
foreach ($appID in $appIDs)
    if ($appID -ge 0 -and $appID -le $applictions.count)
        echo $AppName
        echo "There is no app with appID: $appID :( "

Posted on: Tuesday 06 January 2015